SOLO Port 423 Mist Blower, Cold Fogging Machine

The SOLO PORT 423 is an internationally recognized dassic model and worldwide the most sold portable power mister.

It might be in agriculture, in foresty, in market gardens, in public parks and recreation areas, in orchards, in vineyards or in coffee and cacao plantations in Africa or Sout America – the SOLO PORT 423 is indispensable.

With constant updates, the SOLO PORT 423 now represents, more than ever before, immense misting performance and low weight coupled with durability and reliability.

The most modern SOLO engine technology – Made in Germany – with high grade German quality components from MAHLE and BING provide oustanding robustness, low fuel consumption, reduced emmissions and high continous performance – also under extreme thermic conditions.

Price: ₱68,888.88