2,4-D Ester

ICTC 2,4-D Ester is a post-emergence, selective, hormone-type emulsifiable concentrate weedkiller. Is ready absorbed through the shoots and roots, gets translocated throughout the weed plants and causes disturbance in their normal growth.

ICTC 2,4-D is registered for use in rice, corn and sugarcane.

Price: ₱546.00


MIXING – The recommended rate of ICTC 2,4-D Ester with an equal volume of water by agitation until a __emulsion obtained and traces of oil on surface disappeared. Then add while stirring the balance of the required volume of water.

COMPATIBILITY – ICTC 2,4-D Ester is generally compatible with commonly used herbicide.

RE-ENTRY PERIOD – Entry to fields and crops treated with ICTC 2,4-D Ester can be done one day after spraying.

PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL – Do not spray within two days before harvest.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL – Store with other herbicides in a cool place away from insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer and seeds and from food, food container and animals or __. Keep away from heat and open flames. Empty container should never be used and would be destroyed and buried in deep pits far from sources of water.