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Protek 25%- high quality, effective soil termiticide
Protek 25% is a premium termiticide concentrate that is proven effective in eliminating termites. Its active ingredient Cypermethrin has been proven worldwide as an effective chemical against subterranean termites. Protek 25% is sourced through a world class company Osmose Protim, the same manufacturer of leading world brand Solignum wood preservative.

Protek 25%- most economical soil termiticide
Protek 25% is the most economical soil termiticide that is offered exclusively to pest control applicators. Protek 25% cost per square meter is very economical because of its high dilution rate. Protek 25% passed the 1:200 dilution rate and is registered under the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

Protek 25% vs other Cypermethrin based soil termiticide
Protek 25% dilution rate is 1:200, the highest among the other Cypermethrin based soil termiticide. This is because Protek 25% only uses high quality Cypermethrin making it highly potent.

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I. Brand Name Protek 25% Soil Termiticide
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient CYPERMETHRIN
Packaging 1 LITER and 500ml packaging
Standard Stocking Unit 1 Liter x 12
500 ml x 24


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Quality Cypermethrin The active ingredient is sourced only from a reputable company- Osmose Protim, the maker of Solignum Wood Preservative Effective soil termiticide, proven in preventing termites
High Dilution Rate The most economical soil termiticide available and exclusive to professional pest control applicators Economical providing better price offering to client and good profit to PCOs