Surekill Box

Surekill is a high quality molluscicide that offers superior knock-down of Golden Apple Snails in Transplanted and Direct Seeded rice at an affordable cost.

Surekill contains the highest purity of Niclosamide at 98% that is why it is a superior kuhol killer. It is in wettable powder form hence it has no phytotoxicity or stunting effect on the rice plant.

Surekill has high suspensibility characteristics allowing the powder to dissolve easily just like liquid formulations. Hence, there will be uniform application and no clogging nozzles which is commonly experienced in ordinary powder formulations.

Surekill is in individually-labeled sachet for exact dosage applications and easy handling. One sachet is good for 1 spray load (16 Li). One box containing 10 sachets is good for 1 hectare.

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I. Brand Name Surekill 70 WP
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Niclosamide
Formulation Wettable Powder 700 g / kg
Mode of Action Contact and Stomach
Molluscicide Group Amides
FPA Category IV, Green label
Application rate 1 35g foil sachet = 1 16ltr
10 sprayloads per hectare
Packaging 350 g box x 10 35g foil sachets
Standard Stocking Unit 1 carton x 30 350g box
3×10 box mini carton inside


Target Pests / Crops

Rice Golden Apple Snails (Kuhol)


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Niclosamide 98% purity • Consistent Quality /
More A.I. distribution
• Quick knockdown
• Better efficiency
• Immediate Crop Protection
High suspensibility
(Finest particle size
1000 mesh)
• Superior suspensibility >
all WPs
• Easy to mix / dissolve
• Better A.I. distribution
• Assured quality product
• Less agitation
• No nozzle clogging
Versatile • Less restriction (timing,
temperature, etc.)
• User friendly
Individually labelled
• Exact dosage
• Easy to follow
• Available for small / big area
• Ease in handling
• Effective coverage
• Avoid / minimize misuse
• Assures effective / safeuse
10 sachet (350g) = 1
• Competitive / costeffective compared with other brands • Economical
• Affordable
Distributed by Jardine • Distributor of consistent high quality products • Assured crop protection
• Peace of mind / good yield