Sumithion Insecticide

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Sumithion is an organophosphorus insecticide with strong contact and stomach action. It is highly effective against aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects and borers.
Sumithion is a highly odorous broadspectrum insecticide and is ideal for use as a repellent spray.
In Rice, Sumithion is an effective product for the control of the damaging Rice bug specially during the milking stage.

Sumithion is also registered for use in mango, citrus, beans, pineapple, tomato and ornamentals.

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I. Brand Name Sumithion
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Fenitrothion 500 g/kg
Solvent Xylene
Mode of Action Contact and Stomach
Insecticide Group Organosphosphate
Manufacturer Sumitomo Chemicals Co
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Pack Sizes 200 L drum1000 ml250 ml


Crops and Pests Registration

Target Pests

(Tbsp / 16 L Water)
Fruit Trees Mealy BugsScale InsectsAphids 3 – 5
Citrus Mealy BugsScale InsectsAphids 3 – 5
Ornamentals Mealy BugsScale InsectsAphids


3 – 5
Pineapple Mealy BugSouring Beetle 1.0
Tomato AphidsFruit Worms 3 – 5
Eggplant AphidsFlee BeetleFruit Worm

Lady Beetle

3 – 5
Beans BeanflyFlee BeetleAphids



3 – 5
Rice CasewormStemborerRice Bug 3 – 5


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Active ingredient is Fenitrothion • Highly broad spectrum• Strong contact and stomach poison• Proven and Tested • Total control of insects• Assured protection against chewing andsucking insects• Reliable
With penetrating action • Systemic like action but less toxic to non-target organisms • Total protection from borers• Effective against sucking insects like scale, mealy, bugs, and thrips
Odorous • Drives away migrant pests• Ideal as “pabaho” • Longer protection• Less frequency of spraying
Cheap per pack size • Competitive • Affordable