Dantop Insecticide

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Dantop is a systemic new generation insecticide which is highly effective against chewing and sucking insects. Crops are protected against insect damage by Dantop through its quick knockdown and long residual action. Moreover, it has translaminar action that enables it to kill sucking insects like thrips that stay at the underside of leaves which ordinary systemic insecticides cannot control.

Dantop is registered for use in Mango and Rice.

In rice, Dantop is best used anytime from the seedling stage up to maturity. At the seedbed, it protects the vulnerable young seedlings from sucking pests that include green leafhopper, brown and white-backed planthopper, leaffolders, and stemborers. Available in conveniently packed 3-gram sachets, one “sakto pack” per 16L water can cover a seedbed approximately 300 square meters in size.

In mango, it is recommended against mango hoppers, tip borers, thrips, cecid flies and capsid bugs.

Dantop is a low dose insecticide requiring only 28 g (1 sachet) per 200 L drum spray solution.

Dantop contains 16% Chlothianidin in Water Soluble Granules (WSG)

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I. Brand Name Dantop
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Clothianidin
Concentration 16%
Formulation Water Soluble Granules
Chemical Group Neonicotinoid
Mode of Action Systemic Insecticide
Manufacturer Sumitomo Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Pack Sizes 140gram box containing 5 x 28g sachet ml


II. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
True Systemic: Translocated, Translaminar,
Absorbed by roots
• Distributed through-out the plant parts
• Kills insects on the undersurface of the leaves
• Effective even with drench application in vegetables
• Provides full protection
• Reduce spray rounds hence more savings on labor costs
Has quick knockdown • Insects kills instantly • Provides instant protection
• Prevents virus transmission
Broadspectrum • One shot application controls many pests
• No need to mix with other insecticide
• Complete control at minimal cost
10 days Residual
• Less frequency of
• Saves labor costs
No Phytotoxicity to flowers • Not harmless to flowers • High fruit set