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Slash is a non-selective and water soluble herbicide applied as foliar spray. It provides complete control of perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges as well as annual weeds.
Slash is absorbed into the leaf surface and trans-located to roots and rhizomes. One application of Slash controls both above and underground parts of emerged weeds.
Slash is immediately inactivated upon coming in contact with soil. It has no residual soil activity. It will not injure crop seeded or transplanted following its use.

I. Brand Name Slash
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Glyphosate IPA
Solvent Water
Mode of Action Systemic Post Emergent
Manufacturer Sinochem Ningbo
Pack Sizes 200 lit drum
5 lit gal
1 liter
500 ml


Target Crops / Weeds

Mango, Banana, Coffee,
Cacao, Rubber, Oil Palm,
Citrus, Coconut, Sugarcane,
and Vegetables
Cogon, Mutha,
Paragrass, Talahib,
Fern, and other
Annual Weeds


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Systemic post emergent herbicide • Kills above and underground plant parts • Total control of weeds
General Weed Killer • Kills perennial & annual weeds • One shot application
No Soil ResidualActivity • Not harmful to emerging seedlings • Compatible with minimum tillage
Low price per pack • Very affordable • Low cost perapplication