Anvil Image Anvil 5 SC is a new fungicide for rice that delivers not only effective control of sheath blight and other foliar diseases, but also a ‘greening effect’ to rice leaves which means improved photosynthesis or better manufacturing for the plant.  This will then lead to healthier rice plant that will produce heavier, more filled grains and higher percentage of head rice, thus better yield for the farmer. Anvil is a product of Syngenta and is distributed in the Philippines by Jardine Distribution, Inc. Click here to download brochure.

I. Brand Name Anvil 5 SC
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient 50 gms/li Hexaconazole
Formulation Type Suspension Concentrate (SC) / Water Based
Crop Use / Pest Target Rice / Sheath Blight / Other foliar diseases
Mode of Action Contact and SystemicProtective, Curative, Eradicative, Anti-sporulant
Application Rate 8 tbsp per Sprayer load at 200 liters per hectare
Timing of Application 1st spray: 45-55 days after transplanting / direct seedling 2nd spray: 60-65 days after transplanting / direct seedling
Pack Sizes 1000 ml &  500 ml
Manufacturer Syngenta

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

With ‘greening effect’ to leaves •Improves photosynthesis for better food manufacturing for plant •Better quality, more filled grains • Higher yield (plus 16%), more income
Broad Spectrum •Controls SB and other leaf diseases • Less sprays, more economical • Yield loss due to SB is prevented
Multi-action: protective, curative, eradicative and anti-sporulant • Flexible timing of application •Fits well with tropical weather conditions • Less sprays, more savings
Systemic action – with translaminar activities • Controls fungi even inside the plant tissues •Longer lasting protection, economical to use.
Proven and tested • Supported by long experience in Vietnam, India and Korea • Peace of mind with a dependable fungicide
Green label • No major environmental and toxicological concerns • Least hazardous to users and environment