Swan MTB-16 (2 In 1) Manual And Battery Operated Misting Sprayers


Allow only persons who fully understand this manual to operate your sprayer. To obtain Maximum performance, life satisfaction from your sprayer, it is very important that you read and understand the safety precautions and maintenance instruction before using your sprayer.

Price: ₱10,800.00


1. Iproper or careless use ot this sprayer can cause serious injury. Minors should nevery be allowed to use this sprayer.

2. This sprayer should never be used while children are in the area.

3. Never leave the sprayer unattended without turning off the power, disconnecting the power plug, relieving the line pressure and flushing the sprayer of any harmful chemicals.

4. Make sure anyone using the sprayer understands all the information included in this manual

APPLICATION – Agricultural Industry

1. Eradicate the pest from plants, rice fields and crops.
2. Disinfect chicken and bird farm.


1. Open the filling cap, put into the water solution tank with the drug in the right dosage. Close the filling hole tightly.

2. Carry a sprayer on the back by holding both belts on your both shoulders.

3. Move the pump lever rhythmically 10-18 times per minute.

4. Point the spray pipe to the part of the plants to be sprayed. Open the faucet until it emit adequate spurt of water to the plants.

5. To stop the spurt of the water, close the faucet by pressing the faucet handle and push the faucet handle lock.


1. To activate the sprayer, simply reach beside with either hand and press the master control button once.

2. At the same time, with the wand pointed in a safe direction, open the hand lever and watch for flow to begin.

3. Once flow has begun in a steady pattern, the pump is primed and ready for use. Simple release the hand lever to stop pump operation/

4. The hand lever features a locking mechanism that allows the handle to be locked in the on position to reduce operator fatigue.

5. To change to the pump speed, simple press the master control button once to advance to the next speed setting.

6. To turn the power off, simply push the master control button to off sign and switch the second button to off. After shutting off the power,
always relieve the system pressure for safety, by pointing the wand in a safe direction and squeezing the and lever on the spray wand for several seconds.

7. Then spray to certain direction.

1. Do not store the sprayer which still contains drug solution in the tank, remove it completely.

2. Always clean the sprayer after use with soapy water. Make sure the filter inside the pump is clean from dirt or residue from the pesticide/herbicide.

3. After sprayer is cleaned, lubricate the valve pump adequately so that the valve is not dry.

4. Dry the sprayer using a clean cloth then put it when a packing is worn out, the worn-outpacking may cause leakage or the decreased performance of the sprayer.

5. For sprayer storage for a long time, make sure that the battery is in stable condition/indicator light of the battery is green and recharged every 3 months.


1. It is not allowed to submerged the knapsack sprayer inside the water for cleaning purpose.
2. Do not turn on the empty sprayer for more than 2 minutes.
3. Do not store the sprayer with an empty battery.

1. Keep out of children.
2. Use protected mask, gloves and clothes while working with the sprayer.
3. After using the sprayer, clean hand and body from the chemical residue with soap and clean water.
4. People with illness, skin disorder are note recommended to use this product.
5. While spraying, do not point the lance at other people, animal or food.
6. Please allow the right procedure from the chemical’s manual guide when throwing the chemical liquid.