Spinoguard 5.5 SC | Spinosad | Larvicide

When you need a powerful weapon against troublesome and disease-carrying mosquitoes and midges, Spinoguard 5.5 SC is the tool to reach for. Using Spinosad (Saccharopolyspora spinosa) as an active ingredient, this formulation provides a highly selective larvicide that devastates the target insects before they can mature. Spinoguard 5.5 SC is an organic formulation that breaks down quickly in the soil and degrades rapidly in sunlight, so there no need to worry about contaminating the environment in search of insect control.


Price: ₱788.88


Spinosad is a potent control agent; it affects the function of the insect’s nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in a way that causes continuous nervous impulses. This constant stimulation will quickly break down the nervous system of the insect and cause paralysis and death. Because this mode of action is highly selective to insects, there is very low toxicity to mammals and other non-target organisms.

Spinoguard 5.5 SC 100ml contain 10 grams of product and will dissolve quickly in water. These lightweight bottles come in a convenient, so you can easily reach in and get just what you need. Take the guesswork out of application rates with these little bundles!

Benefits of Spinoguard 5.5 SC:

  • OMRI listed under both Livestock External Parasiticides and Pesticides and under Crop Pest, Weed & Disease Control.
  • Exceptional control from the first through early 4th instar stages of larval life.
  • Ideal as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and Resistance Management programs.
  • Excellent for use in professional pest control applications as well as for home use.
  • Breaks down rapidly in soil and sunlight.
  • DEET-free. Not carcinogenic and has no endochrine effects.
  • Made with inert ingredients on the EPA’s Minimum Risk Pesticides List.
  • No risk to honeybees and other beneficials.
  • One of only five pesticides ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (2010).

Application Rates: Reapply after 30 days. More frequent applications may be made if monitoring indicates that larval populations have reestablished, or weather conditions have rendered initial treatments ineffective.

  • General Applications – Apply 100ml per listed site per 100 sq. ft. (up to 2 feet in depth), or 100ml per 750-1500 gallons.
  • Storm/Water Drainage Areas – Place 100ml into each catch basin. Treat all of the water holding sites in connected water systems to maximize efficiency of the treatment program.
  • Small Area Applications – For applications to small, contained site which may not be amenable to a rate of a 100ml per 100 sq. ft., use 100ml per contained site (e.g., cesspools and septic tanks, transformer vaults, abandoned pools and other small artificial water-holding containers).


Suggested Uses:

Use in government mosquito control programs, professional pest control operations or in other mosquito and midge control operations to kill mosquito and midge larvae in small bodies of water.


This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Will control twenty of the most common vector and nuisance mosquitoes, including AedesAnopheles and Culex.