Prevathon 5SC

DIRECTION FOR USE: Prevathon 5SC is generally recommended at 400-500ml product per hectare on the following corps and insect pests.

Price: ₱1,260.00


NOTE: Apply a maximum of 2 sprays of Prevathon applied back-to-back in any one crop cycle, targeted at a single pest generation and then alternate with other products belonging to a different insecticide mode of action and registered for the some pest and crop.

FREQUENCY AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: Begin spraying when insect pests appear during the company recommended crop stage. Repeat application depending on days of spray intervals as indicated in the table above. Apply a maximum of 2 consecutive Pevathon sprays, then alternate with other products with a different mode of action. Fill the sprayer to half capacity, thoroughly mix the product in a bucket, pour mixture into the sprayer and fill to full capacity. Stir to ensure uniform dilution. Follow recommended rates, spray volumes for the crop season, as pest control failure may result in subsequent crop plantings.

COMPATIBILITY AND CROP TOLERANCE: Tank mixes of Prevathon with some products formulated as suspension concentrate (SC) and certain fungicides that inherently have shown low margins of safety can result in crop response. Crop varieties can differ in their responsiveness, and environmental conditions can have an influence. It is not possible to test Pevathon alone or with all possible tank mix combinations on all varieties under all environmental conditions. Prior to using Prevathon alone on a new variety, or with any tank mix partner on a wide area, test the mixture in accordance with label direction for use to ensure that an adverse crop response with not occur. Consult FMC representative for more information regarding use of Prevathon 5SC in tank mixtures.

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT: Some insects are known to develop resistance to products used repeatedly for its control. When this occurs, the recommended dosages fail to suppress the pest population below the economic threshold. Because the development of resistance cannot be predicted, the use of this product, a group 28 insecticide, should conform to resistance management strategies established by the IRAC for the use area. These strategies may include incorporation of cultural and biological control practices, alternation of active classes as insecticides on succeeding generations and targeting the most susceptible life stage oft he target pest.