Philor ANAA Plant Growth Regulator


Rate: 4 tbsp per 16L water

Soak in ANAA solution before planting 15-30 minutes.
Seeds with hardcover 8-12 hours

Spray ANAA solution every 3-7 days until fully established.

Spray diluted ANAA solution on entire plant every week standing from young vegetative stage onwards as long as plant is productive. Apply together with foliar fertilizer and if needed; fungicide and insecticide.

Spray diluted ANAA solution 2 times Spray diluted ANAA solution 2 times
1st Spray: When mango fruits – mongo – corn size2nd Spray: When mango fruits – thumb size together with foliar fertilizer, fungicide, and pesticide.

Use diluted ANAA solution as flower vase water.

Price: ₱490.00