D Fense Sc Deltamethrin (General Pest Control)

Deltamethrin is one of the most common insecticide used in the world over to control public/household pests such as cockroaches,flies, mosquities, ants, ticks, mites & others.

  • D-FENCE SC with 10gm per litre Deltamethrin HAS MANY ADVANTAGES:
  • D-FENCE SC is specifically formulated to carry all Deltamethrin properties in it.
  • D-FENCE SC easily mixes in water to make a uniform solution
  • D-FENCE SC is odorless and is recommended for indoor application
  • D-FENCE SC binds stronly with solid surface to remain active for a longer residual effect
  • D-FENCE SC can be used fo bed net impregnation requirements
  • D-FENCE SC comes with easy packaging for the most economical use


Price: ₱3,200.00