Agro Well Liquid Foliar Fertilizer

Liquid plant food preparation for foliar application or soil drenching containing the essential nutrient elements for plant growth, improved yields and high quality of produce.

Compatibility: A-GRO WELL Liquified Fertilizer can be tank-mixed with commonly used insecticide, fungicides and spray adjuvants except arsenical and lead-containing preparations. It is completely soluble in wide range of water hardness: It suspends well in solution, hence spray nozzle do not clog.

Price: ₱510.00


WARRANTY: Since use, application or handling is beyond our control, no expressed or implied warranty is made concerning this product.

Leafy vegetables, fruit vegetable, rice, corn and other cereals and may other crops need essential food nutrients in proportionate amount for rapid vegetable growth and flower/fruit development.
Plant nutrition is enhanced by making these nutrients available when needed and nutrients are rapidly absorbed and utilized by plants. A-GRO WELL Liquified Fertilizer makes this happen.

Apply the solution either by spraying the plant foliage by drenching around the base of plants.

For sensitive plants, avoid leaf burning application can be done early in the morning or take in the after noon.

Application is generally repeated at two week time. They may be shortened to weekly if crop grown so indicates.